Un nou sit arheologic din perioada târzie a epocii bronzului descoperit la Novosiolovca (r-nul Taraclia) Serghei Agulnikov, Sergiu Popovici

Agulnicov, Popovici 2015

Abstract. In December 2013, a group of researchers of the National Archaeological Agency explored a partially disturbed during construction archaeological object from Novoselovca, Taraclia district. The discovered bellshaped pit with a diameter of 1,7 m and 1,5 m depth yielded an archaeological complex of the Late Bronze Age. The complex contained fragments of pottery, stone tools, and animal bones. All objects and bone remains were covered with grinding stones. Pottery and individual findings are characteristic of ceramic complex of the culture Belozerka dated back to XII-XI centuries BC. The archaeozoological complex from the pit 1 represents a deliberately laid horse bones under the grinding stones. The reported 5 individuals of domestic horse represent a specific breed characterized by medium-thin limbs. In addition, there are small amounts of big and small cattle bones.

Descarcă articolul: Agulnicov, Popovici 2015

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