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Despre mormânrul de incinerație în situlă de bronz de la Sipoteni (sec. II-I a. Chr.) Ion Tentiuc, Valeriu Bubulici, Angela Simalcsik

Abstract. In the work on the materials of a cremation burial in bronze situla of the 2nd-1st centuries BC, which was found in Mana village (Orhei district), we have taken for comparative and anthropological analysis remains of calcined bones from the burial in situla from Sipoteni (Călăraşi district) published in 1950s (fig. 1). Osteological research of the contents of the bronze vessel from Sipoteni (fig. 2) showed that the remains belonged to a man 20-30 years old. In the burial urn a fragment of a black-burnished vessel, a silver fibula of the Middle La Tene type (fig. 4), an iron ring, and an amorphous iron object were found. The grave goods also contain a bronze situla (fig. 3), identical in shape and size, which was found near the funeral urn. Researches attributed the Sipoteni burial to the 2nd-1st centuries BC, a period of domination of Bastarnae tribes in the central and northern part of the Carpathian-Dniester region.