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Un grup de morminte din epoca bronzului descoperit la Roman-Arhiepiscopie. Abordări pluridisciplinare Vasile Diaconu, George Dan Hânceanu, Angela Simalcsik, Mihaela Danu

Diaconu et al. 2016

Abstract. The present study describes several burial complexes, dated in the Bronze Age, as they were recently discovered in Roman (Neamţ County, Romania). Four tombs represent inhumation rites, and two of them are possible cenotaphs, that were identified during the research of a medieval necropolis (dated during the XV-XVII centuries). The archaeological inventory consists mainly of pottery (whole or fragmented vessels), with features of different neighboring cultural environments. Considering the geographic area within which the tombs were discovered‚ we presume they represent burial complexes of a Monteoru culture community, which also sustained contacts with representatives of Komarov culture.