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Rezultatele investigațiilor arheologice asupra tumulilor de la Filipeni Serghei Agulnikov, Ion Ciobanu

Rezumat. In 2015, rescue excavations of two mounds were carried out on fields near Filipeni community, Leova district. The mound 1 was located at 3,5 km to the north-west of the village periphery, on the watershed between Prut and Sarata rivers. Height – 1,2 m, diameter – 56 m. In the mound 1 two burials were found, one- Sarmatian and the second – medieval, as well as two medieval fireplace installations. The main Sarmatian burial 1 was robbed in antiquity. Despite the despoliation, inventory was found in the burial: three-lobed stemmed iron arrowheads, a metal bead, pieces of polished grey clay circular jar, fragments of red and yellow clay amphorae of Roman period (I-II centuries AD). By some analogies, the burial 1 from the mound 1 near Filipeni dates back to the II-nd century AD. The mound 2 near Filipeni was located at 0,2 km to the east-northeast of the mound 1. The height of the mound – 0,2 m, diameter – 20 m. In the mound two burials and the main building – ritual character fireplace were found. Construction of the mound 2 was associated with the construction 1 in the form of a quasi-square platform and (unpreserved) canopy installed on four piles, dug into the ground, later burned, where fragments of ornamented medieval pottery were found. This is probably a construction of steppe nomads from Lower Prut and Danube zones, dating from X-XIII centuries. Inlet medieval burials are free of inventory.

Descarcă articolul: Agulnicov, Ciobanu 2016