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The disturbed Sarmatian graves from Medeleni–Ungheni (Republic of Moldova). Palaeoanthropological data Angela Simalcsik and Robert Daniel Simalcsik


Abstract. In 2015 at Medeleni-Ungheni were discovered five graves belonged to a plane Sarmatian cemetery dated in the 1st-2nd centuries AD. At least four of the five graves discovered at Medeleni were disturbed in antiquity. Four skeletons belonged to adult individuals (only women) and one skeleton comes from a child.

Deformația craniană intenționată în comunitățile sarmatice Intentional cranial deformation in the Sarmatic communities

Smeeni M2

With the migration of the Sarmatians to the west, the artificially / intentionally deformed skulls area begins to expand. On the territory of Romania this practice has never become a mass phenomenon. Sarmatic funerary complexes on the territory of Romania with skeletons with artificial deformed skulls are quite numerous. Unfortunately, only few are anthropologically certified and published. Through this work we introduce into the scientific network a new case of artificial cranial deformation – the Sarmatic grave 2 from the Smeeni-Movila Mare tumulus (Buzau County). This artificially deformed skull was identified by O. Necrasov in the 1960s and has remained unpublished.