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A hoard of astragals discovered in the Copper Age settlement at Iepurești, Giurgiu County, Romania Raluca Kogălniceanu, Ana Ilie, Monica Mărgărit, Angela Simalcsik, Valentin Dumitrașcu

Kogalniceanu et al. 2015

Abstract.  This article presents the discovery of 25 abraded and perforated ovicaprid astragals in a burned house at the Gumelnita Copper Age settlement at Iepuresti in Southern Romania. They were analysed in terms of their processing, of the taphonomic processes that affected them (burning), and of their spatial distribution. These astragals were also analysed in the wider context of more or less similar discoveries made mainly south and east of the Carpathian Mountains, in Romania, but also
south of the Danube, in Bulgaria.

Descarcă articolul: Hoard of astragals from Copper Age