Investigații arheologice de la Crihana Veche. Campania 2015 Ion Ciobanu, Serghei Agulnikov

Abstract. The present report describes new data obtained during the excavations of the tumuli 6 and 9 from the burial complex near Crihana Veche Village, Cahul District of the Republic of Moldova, in 2015 by the joint research team on the Institute of Cultural Heritage and National Archaeological Agency. The tumulus 6 was mounted by Scythians. The main burial surrounded by a moat was robbed in the antiquity. The findings include fragments of iron knives, three-lobed bronze arrowheads, and some scattered human bones. The complex is dated back to the second half of the IV-th century BC. The height of the tumulus 9 attained 1,25 m, its diameter amounts 36 m. The tumulus contained 20 burials. Initially, the tumulus mounting was associated with the Late Aeneolithic burial number 10. Several intake burials belong to the Yamnaya Culture bearers. Two additional embankments are associated with the Yamnaya Culture bearers. The discovered archaeological complex includes a silver temporal pendant, and such stone tools as a grinder and graters. The third archaeological level is represented by a the Sabatinovka Culture burial in the southeast sector of the mound dated back to XIII-XII centuries BC. The archaeological complex includes jar-like vessels and a ladle with loop-shaped handle. The burial 7 of the tumulus 9 apparently is most recent and possibly was created by Sarmatians.

Descarcă articolul: Ciobanu, Agulnicov 2016

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