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Butonii de os şi corn descoperiţi în mediul culturii Noua Vasile Diaconu, Mariana Sîrbu

Diaconu, Sirbu 2014

Abstract. The authors of this paper analyzed bone and antler buttons found in the territory of the Noua culture (the Late Bronze Age). Twelve finds are known; most objects are scattered in the area between the Prut and the Eastern Carpathians. From a technological standpoint, these artifacts are mostly made of bone with only one piece being made of antler. As well, almost all the items are decorated with meanders, circles and rays, which are solar symbols. Such items appear during the Bronze Age over a vast geographical area, and one of the common elements is the spiral-meander pattern. Bone and antler buttons found within the territory of Noua culture are rooted in the Monteoru culture. Regarding the context discovery, most of the buttons were found in settlements, except a single button, which was found among the grave goods of a burial. In terms of function, three possible uses can be identified: as amulets, as accessories for clothing, and as accessories for harnesses. The ornaments on these objects, which are also found on other types of items that are specific to the Late Bronze Age (e.g. – bridle cheek pieces, axe-scepters, dagger handles, spindle whorls), confirm the existence of a solar cult during the period in question.

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Late Bronze Age Metallic Pendants from the North-West and the North of the Black Sea Vasile Diaconu

Diaconu 2013

Rezumat. În studiul de față se prezintă tipologia, tehnologia, cronologia și dinamica pandantivelor cruciforme cu placă trinunghiulară și brațe circulare, descoperite în așezările și depozitele civilizațiilor Bronzului final din spațiul nord-vest și nord-pontic (Noua, Coslogeni și Sabatinovka). Au fost puse în discuție originea central-europeană (complexul cultural al câmpurilor cu urne), precum și funcționalitatea cultică a acestui tip de pandantive metalice.

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